The Heart of the Hunt (the hunt of the heart)

A curious thing happened in the Heart of a vibrant and decaying forest


The bird and The wolf cornered one another


Both were wounded

Both were being hunted


Both knew if they made a sound they would alert the hunter of their location. Into this maze they wandered, and into locked eyes they stared

And then, they talked


The bird was covered in many a brilliant colour. Everytime she flew by, it was with a thunderous whisper and a soaring melody above the forest, those staring up as she flew by felt they could climb just as high

The wolf was covered in armour of ravenous trickery, a soft inviting fur coat blanketing a fierce heart


The bird looked at how the hunters attack pierced the wolf’s leg

The wolf looked at how the hunters attack pierced the bird’s wing


“the forest looks at you in awe” said the wolf

“the forest looks at you in awe” said the bird


The sound of a twig breaking sparks a silence

Followed by the sound of an exhale breaking the silence


“are you going to devour me as I cannot take to the air and escape?”

“are you going to sing a stirring note and alert the hunters of my presence?”


They looked at one another, the first time either was still long enough to look at


“you are a vase of imaginings”

“you are the shadow of impulse”


“you are grand and free”

“you enchant and rise above”


“so what are you looking for?” asked the wolf

“I’m hunting” said the bird


“and what are you hunting for” asked the bird

“I’m looking” said the wolf


Then there was a sound

and the conversation ended.