About the Scale of Life

This is a conversation between you and I.

A conversation between all of us.
A conversation I have been having my whole life with myself.
A conversation you have been having your whole life with yourself.
A conversation about life and the pursuit of life.


The Scale

and the pursuit of balance
balance in your life
living life and living your life

scale 1  (skl)

1. An instrument or machine for weighing.

2. any of the numerous plates, made of various substances resembling enamel or dentine, that characteristically form the external covering offishes, reptiles, and certain mammals.

3. a line, numerical ratio, etc., for showing this ratio

4. to climb to the top of (a height) by or as if by a ladder

5. Music a group of notes taken in ascending or descending order, esp within the compass of one octave

6. a relative degree or extent ‘he entertained on a grand scale’

7. a progressive or graduated table of things, wages, etc., in order of size, value, etc. a wage scale for carpenters

8. Justice

9. An instrument or a machine for weighing.

10. To have a given weight, as determined by a scale

11. Balance

12. This Life

13. Life